We help Fashion Brands Boost Online Sales with Social Media Advertising

Leverage Facebook & Instagram Advertising in your business to convert your Website Visitors, Instagram Engagement and E-mail Subscribers into Monthly Revenue


What we Offer: Just Paid ADS !

Our Philosophy

Not just another advertising agency…

If you’re tired of dealing with marketing agencies that promise you the world…
yet only deliver likes and comments on social media, then we’re for you.
you’re running Facebook ads, but for some reason, they’re not ‘working’⁣⁣
Most agencies focus on driving low-quality traffic from a variety of social media channels
(i.e. TikTok, Snapchat, Pintrest).
Whereas at digitalworld marketing agency, we focus exclusively on Facebook & Instagram Advertising to drive the one key metric that should remain at the forefront of any marketing campaign purchases
With our performance based advertising structure and data driven optimisation process, we’re able to draw a straight line from stranger to customer, we will study in other to remove leaks in our clients’ sales funnels!. ⁣⁣Removing the need for social vanity metrics.
Your ads budget will be optimised rightfully to the proper funnel that is cost effective.
If you’re looking for an agency that offers a wide range of creative services that won’t move the needle forward in your business, then we’re probably not going to be a good fit…
But if you want a performance-based agency where with two clicks, you can see a full breakdown of how much was spent on advertising, how much was made & what your net profit was –
then look no further

How it Works

01 - Audience Research

Unscrew Yourself From Business Failure
“A good marketing plan can’t be formed in just four hours. Plans are formed on extensive research.”By taking a look at your store data, and upon research based on our system and years of experience in helping solely fashion brands with facebook ads in boosting online sales we understand where your business can be positioned for success in the digital advertising world.

If you haven’t already, we’ll install a ‘pixel’ onto your website. With just one line of code, you’ll be able to track the different actions your website visitors are taking when interacting with your store, which we can use later in our advertising. We’ll also connect your Instagram engagement data and your Email subscription list as part of our retargeting audience.

Based on the information we’ve gathered on your target audience, we can then begin the process of audience segmentation to maximise campaign effectiveness.

02 - Ad Development

We will develop Facebook ads that’s specific to your business. This is so important because facebook ads setup is what will determine the success or failure of any facebook ads campaign. Digital world marketing agency will save you your time, money and effort by having it done the proper way so that you will not waste your money.

A strategic approach to campaign strategy, structure and appearance are paramount to the success of any advertising campaign – and paid advertising is no different.
Through a process of audience segmentation, we can develop groups of people based on their online interactions and interests.

For example, if someone visits your website and adds items to their basket but doesn’t the complete checkout, we can track it and follow up by retargeting them on Facebook & Instagram with ads that include the specific items they’ve left in their basket. This is known as Dynamic Retargeting.We’ve found this retargeting strategy in particular to be extremely effective since it allows us to create a personalised shopping experience for each customer and allows us to have multiple touch-points with the customer as we nurture them into a sale.

03 - Scientific Advertising

One of the principle advantages of utilizing Facebook and Instagram to promote is that the advertisements don’t rest (except if you want them to), they’re modified to be running every minute of every day to create you more sales. Fueled by Facebook’s applied AI, your ads are optimise to track down the most ideal approach to convey your spending plan.
So what’s our work? Similar as a researcher, our responsibility is to utilize the apparatuses we need to direct tests for ideal execution. During your first month with us, we’ll be for the most part testing various audience, pictures and videos to acquire market information.
As we start the interaction of mission enhancement, during your subsequent month we’ll take your best performing ads and split-tests to decide if changing the content, picture or audience will bring about additional improvement.
Through an interaction of split testing and removing, we’ll have the option to then decide a set of ads that reliably yield productive returns, which we would then be able to scale as indicated by your showcasing financial plan.

With an information driven interaction to decide the best advertisements, and Facebook’s Industry-driving AI innovation – we’re ready to create sound and versatile missions that yield a predictable 3-8x return for each $1 spent on advertising.
Our goal is to build a predictable revenue multiplying machine that works in line with your marketing efforts to consistently convert more sales so you can focus

04 - Clear Communication

Internally, our Team value transparency and communication, but externally we also value our client’s time. Our team works remotely and independently in coordination with your marketing efforts. Unlike hiring a team of Social Media Marketing Executives, this means you won’t have to provide working space, or attend pointless meetings, giving you the smoothest experience possible.We use Slack for all communication incase we need to coordinate our marketing efforts with your team or request any media assets. Once a month, you’ll be given the option to attend a monthly round up on zoom or opt-in for a monthly video report summarising all key performance data from our campaigns. You’ll also have access to the live campaign data through the Facebook Ad Manager platform throughout the entire process..


Retargeting Ads

Most social media advertising agencies take a one dimensional approach to driving traffic to their website. They run ads to audience that are interested in fashion, but have never seen or heard of the brand. This puts them at a competitive disadvantage, since they’ll have to spend their ad budget building familiarity for months before they can ask for the sale.

However, instead of wasting your ad budget advertising only to people that have never come into contact with your brand, with Retargeting Ads, we’re able to re-engage your Website Visitors, Social Media Engagement and E-mail Subscribers and nurture those leads into paying customers.

With Facebook’s Advertising platform we can build out custom audiences of people that have already shown some interest, but have yet to make a purchase. Whether it’s the casual instagram user who happened to like one of your posts, or the eager customer who got a phone call as they were about to checkout and forgot about their order, we can tailor our ads to match their level of interest and get them over the line.


$ 800 /month

choose this plan if you have $ 800 – $1500 monthly adspend budget


$ 1200 /month

choose this plan if you have $ 1500 – $3000 monthly adspend budget


$ 1800 /month

choose this plan if you have $ 3000+ monthly adspend budget

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